Life is Like Writing a Paper

This summer I have had to make many different life changing decisions. I experienced stress, anxiety, all those unwanted feelings that come with being a recent college grad. But my uncle told me something last night that really simplified everything for me.

He told me “Don’t look at these decisions as crucial life changing choices, look at them as topics to your next paper to write. Research them and choose which one you think can get you an A.” 

After hearing this everything looked so simple now. Instead of looking at choosing a school or city, or choosing one job over another as an extreme life altering change, I should just do my research and make the decision based on my capabilities and comfortability with the choice. 

English majors look at the world a little differently than others. 

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Being 21 

Hey readers, I just graduated from college but I didn’t stop there. Right after graduation I continued some schooling at a summer program. Now that the program is over my life has come to a bizarre standstill. There is no clear plan. For the first time in a long time I’m not sure what I want to do next. All college grads must feel this way. Now that the ultimate life goal, getting a college degree, is done what’s next? Being 21 I’m still young but also considered an adult. Weird. Are there any other recent grads who feel this way?

First Post!

Hello world! Ok I know that is very cliche to say but I can’t help myself, sue me (Actually please don’t, I got student loans to pay). Anyways hey reader, whoever you are. You might be a friend, relative, or a total stranger but it doesn’t matter. I’d like to consider all my readers friends because that’s what the internet is for right, to make connections. 

I decided to create this blog simply because I love to write. However it’s not a “traditional” love. I don’t really write poems or short stories. I like to write down my thoughts and document what is happening to me right now. 

For me once I write down a thought on paper or type it up on my computer the world stops for a moment. I feel a sense of peace. Do you ever get that feeling? 

I get consumed by my thoughts all the time. In order to express myself and get them all out, I write. It doesn’t matter if anyone ever reads these words. All that matters is that my thoughts have a life now that exists outside of myself. 

So if you’re intrigued and want to read more about what is going on inside my head, keep coming back to this blog. There is more to come!

Do you get consumed by your thoughts too? What brings you peace? Comment below if you’d like. 

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